Traveling with Your Dog: Essential Tips and Must-Haves for a Perfect Summer Getaway!

Traveling with Your Dog: Essential Tips and Must-Haves for a Perfect Summer Getaway!shows a dog wearing a cozy winter hat with a pom-pom, set against a blue background within a circular frame. white dog relaxing on a pond

As summer approaches and many of you are planning where to go with your furry friend, I can’t help but share my excitement for traveling with my dog! 🐾 From exploring pet-friendly hotels to cozy Airbnbs and rustic cabins, each destination offers a unique environment for my four-legged companion. Over time, I’ve discovered what essentials make our trips smooth and enjoyable. Whether you’re planning your first trip, are a seasoned traveler with your pup, or just staying local and going for a hike, this guide is for you. Here’s a list of must-haves that I’ve found on Amazon (and yes, I may earn a commission if you decide to purchase through my links).

Essentials for Traveling with Your Dog


Portable Dog Bed: A comfy and familiar spot for your dog to rest after a day of adventure. The Bedsure Large Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed is perfect for camping or the beach, with a cooling summer frame and breathable mesh to keep your dog comfortable.

  • Dog Life Jacket: For those water-loving dogs, a life jacket provides extra flotation and safety. The VIVAGLORY Sports Style Dog Life Jacket is adjustable, durable, and secure, ensuring your pup stays safe while swimming.

Collapsible Food and Water Bowls: These are a lifesaver for on-the-go feeding and hydration. The AVELORA Dog Water Bottle is not just a water bottle but also includes a food container, making it perfect for long walks or hikes. The YETI Boomer 8 is a sturdy, non-slip dog bowl ideal for any trip.

Frozen Dog Treat & Ice Cream Holder: Keep your dog cool and entertained with the GoSports Pets PupsCream Parlor. This non-slip frozen treat holder comes with reusable cups and lids, perfect for mess-free licking.


Dog Peanut Butter Treats: A delicious and healthy snack, perfect for rewarding your dog. The BUDDY BUDDER squeeze packs are 100% natural and come in mixed flavors.


Dog Food: High-quality nutrition is essential, especially for dogs with sensitive stomachs. I switched to Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach four months ago, and it has dramatically improved my dog’s skin and digestion. I highly recommend it.


Leash and Harness: Ensure your dog is secure and comfortable during walks and hikes. The PETESCORT leash is strong, comfortable, and highly reflective, making it perfect for all adventures.



Doggy First Aid Kit: Be prepared for any minor injuries or health issues that might arise. This kit comes with a pet first aid guide and all the essentials for emergencies.


Poop Bags: Essential for keeping the environment clean and respecting other travelers. These biodegradable, leak-proof bags are a must-have for any trip.

Pet-Friendly Bug Spray: Protect your dog from insects, especially in wooded or outdoor areas. This lemongrass and mint spray from Black Sheep Organics is a natural, soothing option.


Dog Seat Belt: For car trips, keeping your dog safe and secure while you drive is a priority. The SlowTon dog seat belt is adjustable and comes with an elastic bungee buffer for extra safety.

Toys and Chews: Keep your dog entertained and calm, especially during downtime. Interactive toys like the Smart Ball and durable fetch balls from Chuckit! are perfect for keeping your dog busy.

Pet Wipes and Towel: Handy for quick clean-ups and keeping your dog fresh. Earth Rated dog wipes are thick and plant-based, perfect for paws, body, and bum. The Geyecete dog bathrobe towel is super absorbent and fast-drying.


Why I Love These Essentials

  • Comfort: Items like a portable dog bed and a magnificent back seat ensure that my dog feels at home no matter where we are.
  • Convenience: dog water bottle  and pet wipes make your journey hassle-free.”
  • Safety: First aid kits and dog seat belts give me peace of mind knowing my dog is protected.
  • Entertainment: Toys and chews keep my dog happy and engaged, making our travels even more enjoyable.

As we gear up for summer, now is the perfect time to prepare for some unforgettable adventures with your dog. Check out these essentials on Amazon to make sure you and your furry friend are ready to hit the road. Here’s to making memories and exploring new places with your best travel buddy!

Ready to embark on your next adventure? 🐶🌞

Disclaimer: I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through the links in this post. This helps support my blog and allows me to continue bringing you tips and recommendations. Thank you for your support!

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